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depp_icontest's Journal

the Depp icon test
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Welcome to the Johnny Depp Icon Test community. I am your moderator Kateri (candyswirlz). Anyone can enter but there are just a few things to know beforehand, which leads me to...

This is a weekly challenge, only 1 entry per person, and you may only use the picture(s) provided, or lyrics, quotes... etc. You should submit your entry in a new post, not in comments, also please include the link to your submission.

Friday is the deadline, Saturday is voting day as well as partial Sunday, and Sunday night the results will be announced. This is more convenient for me. When you vote, do NOT vote for yourself, that's just... uppity, and if you do I will either 1.) not count your vote or 2.) ask for you to vote for someone else as a replacement.

There will be absolutely NO rude comments in this community, if you haven't got anything nice to say then leave, if you do/say anything ignorant towards another member YOU WILL BE BANNED.

The icon can not be any larger than 100x100 pixels and 40k in size. No stealing icons, if you like an icon you may ask the maker if you can use it after the contest has ended.

Remember just to have fun, be creative, and unique.

When I am counting up the votes anonymous votes will be ignored, just for future reference.

I kind of used a lot of the same rules as nxd_i_challenge, which is an awesome community, check it out/join. =]

thank you, and good day,
♥ Kateri

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