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Thanks to everyone who entered they were all great, make sure to enter this week =]

1st place goes to elixer_depp for

2nd place goes to luvyourlife for

3rd placegoes to oh_so_tragicx for

3rd place (was a tie) also goes to miss__jamie for

best text goes to kyokyo06 for

I'm sorry I didn't have time for the awards today, if you're a winner and you really want an award just leave a comment and I will be sure to make it. ahha... sorry I'm a little preoccupied today.

I'm sorry I deleted my previous post... if anyone had actually started making anything, and if I deleted the picture and you already made something (I have no idea if anyone has...) you may still use that picture, so here are all of the pictures you have to choose from this week... it's EDWARD themed.. because I love that movie, and I mean.. what Johnny fan doesn't? so good luck, and promote if you can, thanks and here are your choices....

all the screen caps are credited to terryxart.com, I'm sorry that things are a bit out of orderly fashioned.. heh... err and well I loved all of the pictures so I had to include them all for possible uses for this week's challenges

can't wait to see those icons!
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Woo hoo! Could I please get an award... just when you have time? Don't worry about it though.